August 11, 2013: Danielle Comes to Dallas

As seems to be becoming a pattern, Luciana got up at six this morning and climbed into bed to snuggle.  But the snuggles only last a few minutes, then she wants food, an iPad, My Little Ponies or whatever and is all over the place.  There is no way to get back to sleep once she is up.  Luckily, sort of, Dominica and Liesl can sleep right through Luciana climbing on them, talking, playing and doing whatever.  It’s truly amazing what they can sleep through.

I stayed in bed as long as I could but was up and about by seven.  Liesl got up just after eight able to sleep through less than Dominica can.

Danielle is coming into Dallas this morning.  It was a last minute trip planned on Friday.  We were up a bit before she arrived and got a little cleaning done in the house.  We managed to get the toilet fixed this morning.  It was yet another trip to Lowe’s to exchange the wrong pipe for the right one, then home and repairing the toilet.  Now it totally works.  Pheww.

Danielle’s flight got in and she rented a car and came out to the house.  That means that we have to get the guest bedroom cleaned up today.  That will be rather a task.

I had to work today, as I do every Sunday now, from twelve thirty to three thirty.  Danielle and Dominica took the girls to go thrift shopping while I was stuck on that call.

Once they were back and my call was over we drove up to the mall in Lewisville and hit the Verizon store.  We moved Dominica’s phone account over from our family plan to the Ralston’s family plan.  That meant that she was not going to assume all of the legacy from our account if my line was cancelled.  Verizon had technical issues and could not get that done while we were there but got it started and said that we could do the rest by phone this evening.  So that meant that we could not do T-mobile today regardless so our phone dance was over pretty early.  We need to deal with that tomorrow now.

So once the phones stuff was as done as it could be we went to BJ’s near the mall and got dinner.  The little girls, or course, ate almost nothing.  The adults love their avocado rolls.

It was pushing seven by the time that we were all done with the shopping trip and back home.  Danielle was exhausted having gotten up super early this morning, traveling all day and then dealing with the time shift.  So she went to bed really early.  We got Luciana to bed pretty early as well.

I finished watching The Music Man with Liesl and after she went to bed I watched the first quarter of Into the Woods which is now available on Netflix.  It is the original Broadway performance that I remember from PBS in 1991 when I was in early high school.  That has always been my all time favourite Broadway show.  I’ve had that 1991 performance (with Bernadette Peters as the witch) on Laser Disc and DVD I believe.  I’ve seen it so many times.  Dominica loves it too.  I’ve seen it live in high school performances and Dominica once bought me Broadway tickets to see the revival with Vanessa Williams long ago when we used to live in Geneseo.  I am so incredibly excited that next year they are making a movie of it.  I have high hopes.

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