August 12, 2013: Switching to T-Mobile

Danielle is staying with us today and flies back to Rochester in the morning.  I got up and got into the office pretty early.  We have errands to run today and so I needed to get things done so that I would be free to do what needed done.  We had tried to do cell phone errands yesterday but were unable to complete everything.  Danielle got the Verizon stuff done over the phone last night so Dominica is completely off of my plan now and today I am free to move to T-Mobile.  I am pretty excited.  I haven’t had good service or a new phone in a really long time.  I’m looking forward to the new phone and 4G LTE service.  And the new camera – that is a major feature for me as I take a lot of pictures of the kids with the phone and the iPhone camera is okay but leaves a lot to be desired.

Work was fine this morning.  This is a very slow week, it seems.  Still under a freeze so a lot of work in cancelled.  Had a meeting with the boss’ boss today.  Had a good talk about the future and plans and stuff.  We are all on the same page now.

At noon I ran up to the T-Mobile store by my house and met Danielle there and we kicked off the process of moving my Verizon plan over to T-Mobile and switching from the Apple iPhone (which I have been very happy with) to the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 phone which is much faster, bigger and higher end.  We got things started but phone transfers always take a while.  Danielle was so impressed with how good their plans were that she decided to switch on the spot from Verizon as well!

We had time to kill so we ran down the street to see Dominica and then went to a meeting at her office.  It was perfect timing because by the time that we got done with the meeting the phones were just ready for us.  So back to T-Mobile and about another forty-five minutes and they had the phones set up and we were good to go.  Danielle and I now have matching Lumia 925 phones.  It is going to take me quite some time to get used to that phone.  Very different than the iPhone but way more polished than any Android I have seen or used.

It is weird for me to be on anything but Verizon.  I have had the same account on Verizon (Frontier became Bell Atlantic became Verizon) since 1992!  This is a big step for me.  I never imagined that I would leave but Verizon really went out of their way to push me out the door the last few years and their latest issues were just too much.  So we will see how T-Mobile does.

Once I had my phone it was back to the office to finish up the day.

After work I came home, dropped off my stuff and picked up Dominica for a dinner date.  Danielle offered to stay at the house with the girls so that we could go out.  We have a lot to do this week so we are just doing dinner someplace nice and then going back home.

We decided to go back to Remington’s, the seafood place that we went with dad when Luciana just only about one month old – so over two years ago!  They have great food, I have no idea why we have not been back in all of this time.  Dinner was very good.  Traffic was awful down on Beltline, though, tons of construction going on in Addison.

We came home and mostly spent the evening talking with Danielle.  We had a lot of planning to discuss and a lot of decisions about Dominica’s job to make.

Just before going to bed Danielle got an email that the second leg of her flight was cancelled.  So she still had a first leg from Dallas to Newark but no connector from Newark to Rochester!  They automatically rescheduled her for a later flight…. two days later!  You could drive from Dallas to Rochester in half that amount of time.  This was a pretty big emergency since they were tricky and kept her super early morning flight so she had to react really quickly and had no flexibility.  Luckily she was able to cancel the flight completely and American Airlines had a better flight, for about the same money, that was even better.  So we eventually got it resolved but it was really quite a panic for a little bit.  No one is very happy with United now.

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