August 14, 2013: Part 2 – Greenwich

I went to the airport, DFW, from the office at four thirty.  Traffic was light and I got there very quickly.  It is only one exit up the highway from the office so that makes things very convenient.  I parked the Spark and was through security in no time.  Leaving over two hours for the process really was not necessary.  I figured with the parking, not having the gate number and having the flight be arranged through a third party might cause some delays but even having to walk all over to find the Delta desk I was at my gate without the slightest hiccup by five o’clock leaving me more than enough time for anything that I might want to do.

I set myself up at the Tequileria where I have eaten while awaiting a flight before, March, 2011 according to Foursquare although I swear that it is far more recent than that and I can’t imagine where I must have been going to have been flying alone two and a half years ago but who knows, I had thought that I had eaten there while waiting for my flight to Chicago but that was much more recent.  I’d look it up on SGL but do not have the energy at the moment.

I ordered a beer and then had a second and got the Mexican style crab cakes. I wanted the salmon quesadillas but they were out of them.  That is what I ate last time, though.

That killed about one hour and gave me a chance to get to know my new Nokia Lumia 925 a bit better as there was nothing else for me to do.  No one looked interested in talking at the bar.

Sat for about an hour waiting for the flight.  We boarded and the flight was nearly empty.  I was seated in the back with Joe, a salesman heading to NYC for LeedCon or something like that and we chatted a little bit and the stewardess talked to us a bit too.  It was a very easy flight and I managed to listed to maybe the first hour of The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond on the flight.

We arrived at La Guardia in Queens in three hours to the minute after departing from Dallas.  That is a very quick flight.

I got off of the plane and my limo was waiting right there for me.  That was easy.  Just got right in and John Mark, my driver, took me the relatively quick trip up into Westchester and over to Greenwich, Connecticut and dropped me off at the luxurious Delamar Greenwich Harbor.  I was the last one to check in for the night arriving around eleven thirty.

I went up to the room for just a little bit and got settled in.  Then I decided to go out for a walk and see the harbor, see where I am going tomorrow and explore town a little bit.  I ended up talking an hour and a half walk or maybe a little more.  It was just slightly chilly but once I started climbing the hill in town that wore off quickly.  I walked up Steamboat and that turned in Greenwich Avenue, known as the “Rodeo Drive of the East Coast” and it definitely was.  The array of shops reminded me of Bern, Switzerland.  Very high end shopping and really interesting restaurant choices.  I walked all the way up to Route 1 at the top of the strip.  The walk was almost exactly two miles.  A nice walk for a quiet evening.

It was a really nice walk.  A very quiet night.  I saw hardly a soul out and about.  It gave me a chance to acclimate to New England a little bit.  It is amazing how the smells brought be back to the Northeast.  So many normal plant smells that I don’t smell in Texas.  And how much the town was unlike anything in Texas.  I have been forgetting what it is like to live up north.  Everything is so different.  Towns laid out so much differently.  It was a very nostalgic walk through this sleeping village reminding me of late night walks through Erie, Williamsport in Pennsylvania or Auburn, New York.  I love walking around these small towns up north.  There is something magical about them once they have shut down.

I had been hoping to find something open somewhere so that I could grab a snack.  I tried up and down Greenwich top to bottom and along several of the side roads but nothing was open.  Only one pub, that was packed with kids dancing, in the whole area and that was down very near the hotel.

Overall Greenwich was a very cool town.  Great history and architecture. Founded in 1640 it is one of the truly ancient colonial towns.  The streets definitely remind you of how old it is.  Nothing makes any sense.  There is a Metro North station right in the middle of town which is extremely handy.

The walk was good and I got myself very well acclimated and oriented so that I am ready for tomorrow.  I know exactly where to go and what to do.  My meeting for the day is only one block from the hotel on the same road so this will be super simple for me.

It was just after two when I returned to the hotel.  I got my CPAP set up, hung up my clothes for tomorrow and got to bed around two thirty.  My meeting is not until noon so I get to sleep in and relax in the morning.

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