August 15, 2013: Day One in Connecticut

I am in Greenwich, Connecticut this morning.  I woke up super early, six thirty local time, which means that I only got three and a half hours of sleep in total which is way too little.  I have no idea why I was awake. I tried hard to fall back asleep, the bed was very comfy, but it just did not work.  So I was up and about but seven thirty or so.  I took my time getting ready and getting the room packed up.

Nick called me and wanted to meet for coffee this morning before my meeting so he came by around nine and picked me up and we went just a little ways up town and got Starbucks and walked around town a little bit.  Maybe half an hour or so of walking.  Nothing major.  It figures that today it is ten degrees warmer in Connecticut than it is in Dallas. Dominica is enjoying amazing weather down there.

Got back to the hotel at ten and got ready and checked out at eleven.  Killed half an hour having tea in the hotel’s library then walked to my meeting just up the street.

It was an incredibly busy day for me from then on out.  I was in a continuous stream of meetings from noon until five in the evening!  What a day but things went quite well.

At five I left and my limo was waiting from me.  From there it was a long drive in traffic over the short distance to the Double Tree in Norwalk, Connecticut where I am spending the night tonight and from where I am writing this update.

Once into the hotel my first order of business was to get some food.  Traffic was bad and nothing looked like an easy walk so I just went downstairs to the restaurant in the hotel and had fish & chips there and a beer.  Another lonely meal.  That seems to be a theme on this trip.  Only one more day anyway, not a big deal.  My flight for tomorrow was arranged this morning and I leave La Guardia at five and arrive in Dallas at nine so I should be home at the very least in enough time to see Liesl before she goes to bed although seeing Ciana is unlikely.

After my meal it was straight back up to the room, set up the laptop and did some catching up on emails, Spiceworks, etc.  I did relatively little tonight although catching up on hundreds of posts and dozens of emails is not exactly trivial.

Went to bed at eleven thirty local time (Eastern).  Feeling a little tired but not really all that much.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, though.  My meeting starts at nine in the morning and I do not know how far away it is so need to be prepared.  So going to be getting up decently early.  Hopefully I can get breakfast in the hotel before needing to leave.

That is about it for today.  Very little news to report.  My day was pretty much nothing but logistics and my meeting.  And that was all that it was supposed to be so that is fine.  Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to getting home to my girls.

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