August 2, 2013: Last Day Alone

Dominica and the girls will be home tomorrow.  Today is my last day all alone.

Alarm went off at six this morning.  I got up and showered.  Kyler and I both left the house around a quarter to seven.  A little later than I like for non-farm playroll days but plenty of time to get to the office at that time of the morning.  Good unemployment numbers this morning, that should bolster the economic outlook at little.

Dan and I did lunch at the Local Diner today.

For deployment day, today was not too bad.

Watson and I decided to meet up at La Cima tonight for happy hour.  It’s been forever since we did that.  According to FourSquare, thirteen months since I was last there and even longer for him.

I left work at five thirty and headed over to La Cima.  I figured out how to get there today and it is not a bad drive from the new office at all.  Nearly as fast as from the old one that is half the distance because I get to take the highway now.  So I popped over there and Watson met me a few minutes later.  He worked later but his new job is effectively across the street from La Cima now.

It was likea reunion although we only know so many people that are still there, there were a few and they were very surprised to see us tonight.  We ended up getting dinner there.  Happy hour was very nice and I forget how cheap it is to go up there.  I really need to go up there more often since I have the membership for the discounts after five.

I came home from La Cima at eight.  My sciatica was really bothering me again so I took a really hot bath and an ibuprofen which resulted in a short nap during which work was trying to call me.  When I woke up I saw the missed messages so logged in and worked for another hour or so.  Decided not to do anything tonight and went to bed early.  Trying to be good about getting sleep and hopefully my sciatica won’t cause me to not be able to sleep tonight.

The family gets home tomorrow afternoon.  Can’t wait to see my girls.

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