August 20, 2013: Interviews, Grill Disaster, Airport and Denton Square

Today was decently busy for me.  I had two interviews this morning.  I wasn’t sure how they went at the time.  The first one was pretty weak but the second one went really well and really built up my confidence in going after storage engineering jobs rather than systems administration.  I was told by the nation’s most profitable and sought after investment bank that I, talking about storage on the side while looking at UNIX positions, was the strongest storage candidate that they have spoken to yet!  That was pretty cool.  I definitely need to consider diversifying into enterprise storage too.  I’ve already got some serious Windows background and UNIX, of course.

Work remained incredibly slow.  Today was Nicki’s last day at work.  So on my way in to the office I swung by her place and picked her up and brought her into the office as her ride had fallen through.  So we went into the office but just for half an hour or so then we grabbed the boss and went to La Cima for lunch.  I haven’t been there for lunch in likely two years or more!  Nearly everyone working knew me instantly so I had a lot of people to talk to.  We had a nice lunch and a good send off for Nicki.  She has been with the firm only a few months longer than me.  (Likewise, she has 27 years in IT and I have 24, so we are very similar in a lot of ways.)

After lunch it was just a slow day at work.  Very slow.

Got home and Dominica and and the girls had decided that they wanted to go to Genghis Grill.  I thought that they had discussed it and that the girls had been there before.  Nope.  So it was pretty much the disaster of stress and arguing that you would expect from making the nieces go to a high stress, lots of choices and doing things that aren’t explained well food environment.  It’s hard enough to make decisions from a normal menu, GG is high stress and even I stressed out the first time as it wasn’t clear what to do and you have to do everything yourself.  So I was stuck watching Liesl and Luciana while everyone else tried to figure out what to do for food which took easily forty minutes.  The little girls got their food, ate it and were already restless and causing problems trying to run around the restaurant before Dominica, Madeline and Emily were even done putting in their orders and before I even got to get started at all.  I had to take Luciana out to the car and sit for a while until everyone else finished as everyone was just too restless.

Got home pretty early.  Didn’t have real long to hang out, though, as Rachel and Jaiden came in to town via Southwest this evening and needed to be picked up at Dallas Love Field.  So I left around eight thirty to drive down to the city and get them.  That went pretty smoothly then we drove up to Jaiden’s house, dropped off their stuff then the three of us headed to the square in downtown Denton and hit the back to school bar scene up there for the evening.

We went to Hailey’s for a while which was way too packed.  Super hot and everyone was sweating like crazy and it was full of kids there for ’90s night.  It was pretty sad.  Later on we switched to the cocktail bar at Paschall which was really nice.

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