August 26, 2013: Paperwork Time

Dominica was off to work at seven and I did my usual waiting for Morgan who comes at nine thirty.  Morgan ended up being rather late because she missed the exit and didn’t realize it until she was on her way to Richardson and she didn’t know how to get back to our house from that direction so ended up driving all over the place trying to get back.  So it was more like ten when she finally got here.

Got into the office rather late, for obvious reasons.  Dan and I went to lunch at Rednecks.  Need to get in there a bit before we move as this is my last chance to see everyone there.  Only a few weeks left if all goes well.  My paperwork for my background check and everything came today.  There was a lot of it so I did a bit of trying to fill it out this afternoon but it was more than I could get done at work.

Got home at a decent time.  Dominica I talked about the paperwork and moving and stuff for a while.  Then just a quiet night at home, we watched Are You Being Server?

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