August 29, 2013: Netflix Movie Picking

I never ended up making it to the office today.  It was just one of those days.  Got up and started working from home because Dominica was in the office today (she only has one more scheduled in-office day after today and that is next Thursday because Monday is a holiday) and I had to wait for Morgan and then ended up being so busy that I never got a chance to head into the office.  It was a really busy morning, though, for me.  So I spent most of it locked in my office on one call or another.

For lunch I didn’t manage to leave until one thirty.  Dan met me up at Redneck and we hung out up there for a while.

After lunch it was late enough that there did not seem to be any point going into the office.  So I just went home instead, getting home twenty minutes before Dominica.  So I got to hang out with Morgan for a little bit.

Dominica came home and Morgan hung out for about an hour.  Then she was off to her night job and we just hung out at home.  We had Netflix pick out some movies for us.  First it picked Teen Wolf from 1985.  I saw that one when it was new, so I would have been just nine years old.  I have not seen that moving in nearly thirty years.  I was amazed by how much of it was completely familiar, as if I had just watched it.  A classic for those of us from the ’80s.  Liesl watched it with us and seemed to like it.  That is not a scary movie at all.  In fact, watching it now, it makes no sense at all.

Then we tried a movie that Netflix also recommended called Charlie Bartlett which was not too bad.  It had Roberty Downey, Jr. and the kid star is one of the newer Star Trek stars for the rebooted cast.  That movie wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.

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