August 30, 2013: Star Trek with Liesl

Got up early, quarter till seven, and put in some time getting caught up on Spiceworks this morning.  Then headed into the office.  Another slow day.  No idea why things are so slow, it is very odd.

At lunch I went to Rockfish with Nick, we seem to get lunch together about once every year or so.  It seems more often but mostly I think that that is because I am old and time passes really quickly.

Today is the last day before the long weekend so everyone was trying to get out of the office early.  The place was pretty empty by four.  I, of course, did not get to leave early since it is Friday and was covering deployments for other people so I did not manage to leave until twenty until seven.  Dan did not get out until seven.

We went over to La Cima for their Friday afternoon happy hour.  They have free food and cheap drinks and it is nice to relax up there.  Only a few chances left to go to La Cima before we both end out club membership and leave the area.

Came home and we watched Star Trek the remake.  What a great movie.  Haven’t seen it in a while so that was nice.  Dominica was really wanting to watch it.  Luciana went to bed early.  Liesl stayed up and watched the move with us.  She is about the same age that I was when my parents first rented Star Trek: The Motion Picture on CED around 1981 which, at the time, required renting the CED player too since no one actually owned one of those weird things.  I wonder if Liesl will remember watching many movies now.  Back when I was her age, watching a movie was a big thing, especially at home, it was a major event.  For her, it is a normal thing that she can do anytime, so I doubt that she will remember any specific movies, which is sad.  I remember many movies being watched, for the first time, right around her age.  Star Wars (now called episode four), Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Fox & The Hound, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Song of the South, The Sword in the Stone, etc.  I vividly remember my father bringing home real to real 8mm movies that he borrowed from Kodak and projecting them onto the pull up screen that we had for slides.  That’s how I first got introduced to many Disney and other classics.

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