August 8, 2013: Last Minute D&D

Nothing very exciting to report for the day.  Went into the office and worked.  It is Thursday so Dominica was in the office as well.  I worked from home for a few hours since I had to wait for Morgan to come to watch the girls.  I probably headed in at ten.

It is hot, very hot.  This is the hottest stretch of the year we are told.  Watson and I went to Rockfish for lunch.  So yummy. Now that I am back on Medifast (unofficially) there are very few places where we can eat easily.  Rockfish and the country club are about it.

After work I ran over the country club to pick up dinner for Dominica.  I got her the halibut special again that she had last night.  It’s her favourite thing there ever.  So we ate and then I had to do some work and she set about attempting to fix the master toilet which broke last Saturday and has been sitting for days waiting for parts.  She had gone to the store today and got an upgraded everything for it and is attempting to repair it.

The toilet repair was a bit of an adventure.  At one point the hose blew off and there was water all over.  Dominica did 90% of the repair and eventually got it all back together and working. It’s a brand new water saver Korky unit that should also prevent continuous running scenarios like we had last week.  It was a $3 upgrade over a normal Korky unit but that’s only one time with the water running to pay for that and these things last for years and years, so hopefully it is a really solid investment.

Got the house cleaned up and there was some question about whether or not we were going to play Dungeons & Dragons tonight as Morgan got called into her new job tonight.  We scrambled a bit trying to figure out if we were going to play or not but ended up having it work out and those that could came over around nine and we played for four hours till one.  Dominica made some pizzas that she had picked up from Aldi’s earlier today.

We had a good game tonight, pretty low key.  Not so much adventuring but more story.  We are playing Tuesday of next week as it looks like Danielle might be coming to Texas over the weekend and it looks like I am going to New York later in the week.  A busy week indeed.

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