July 31, 2013: The End of July

Woke up at seven thirty.  That was more than seven hours of sleep and my body just didn’t know what to do with itself at that point and woke me up.  I tried falling back asleep but was fully awake.  Apparently that’s roughly my sleep limit these days.

Doue and I went to Best Thai for lunch in Irving.  Watson wanted me to meet him and Donnie for lunch at Rockfish but I had the FOMC Rates call for the Fed today so could not go to lunch until pretty late.  We grabbed some frozen yoghurt afterwards.  The yoghurt place was packed so we ended up sitting outside.  It’s hot but not impossibly hot today.

I stayed at work pretty late, nearly six o’clock.  Then went home.  Originally Chris and I had been planning on going on to Redneck tonight but he forgot and couldn’t make it because of work.  I wasn’t hugely disappointed, I’m feeling a bit like just staying in these days.  I did some work for a little bit, then played about an hour of Knights of the Old Republic.  I definitely do not like it nearly as much as Mass Effect which was its spiritual successor but it is clear to see the ideas used in Mass Effect taking shape there and the heritage is obvious.  It plays just like what an old version of Mass Effect would be expected to be like.  I think that the Mass Effect world is a lot better for gameplay than the weird and flat Star Wars universe.

I watched some Coupling and then went to bed before ten thirty.  Very early for me.  But I am attempting to see what happens when I get enough sleep.  A novel idea.  Cutting out the caffeine and getting sleep.  Fingers crossed that this works well.

I have an eight o’clock meeting tomorrow so can’t sleep in, but I don’t see that being a problem at all.

Francesca emailed me a video of Liesl swimming (with floaties) in the lake today!  She is doing really well.  Dominica said that she doesn’t go outside a lot as she, Madeline and Dominica tend to stay inside a lot while Luciana is just loving being outside all of the time and thinks that the boat is the greatest thing ever.  Ciana has been asking about me a lot.  She misses her daddy.

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