August 31, 2013: Preparing for Vacation

Up at seven, I just can’t sleep past seven anymore.  I probably laid in bed for half an hour hoping to fall back asleep before getting up but just no luck.  Without the caffeine to drain me, I just can’t sleep that much.  So I got up and started my day.  Got a bit of posting done before anyone was up.

Luciana got up at eight and wandered into my office all smiles.  She said good morning and set herself up with the iPad on the chair behind me and entertained herself all morning.  Dominica got up at nine.  Liesl was up shortly after that.

I spent most of the day working in my office.  Got a lot of posting done and some other stuff.  Today is my only day at home this weekend so all of my work is crammed into today.  Tomorrow we are leaving to drive down to San Antonio for the long weekend, looking forward to that.  I have only been to San Antonio once before and it was only briefly and it was a work event to tour the Rackspace offices there – I never got a chance to see the city proper.   So this will be a treat for me.  There is a lot of very historic stuff that I want to see down there and San Antonio is very culturally different from the rest of Texas.

This evening Kim and Armando came over and their kids stayed to babysit our kids.  We managed to get Luciana asleep before they came over and Liesl was just going to bed as they arrived.  Then we got to go out for the evening which was a nice change.

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