September 15, 2013: Family Sunday

Very excited to announce that SGL is now receiving over one million page hits a month!

I stayed in bed extra long today.  Liesl had slept with us last night which works out well as it means she does not get up early.  I think that she sleeps way better when she sleeps with us and I am pretty sure that we do because she stays asleep which helps us to stay asleep.  Luciana didn’t get up until nearly ten.  I was half awake for a while and knew that AJ had left around nine or so but did not bother to get up until later when Luciana was jumping all over us.

We stayed home pretty much all day today.  Took the day off from most everything.  Stayed in and got work done.  Very productive morning.  Knocked out a lot of tickets and got a ton of my email cleaned up too.

AJ was only at the house for a brief stint in the middle of the afternoon.  Maybe two hours at most.  We did a tiny bit of work together but not very much.  He was out most of the day so it was mostly just the family hanging out.

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