September 16, 2013: It’s Finally Official!

Monday and into the office.  Dominica and AJ were both at work today too.  So I had to wait for Morgan to arrive before going in to work.

Work was pretty uneventful today.   We’ve been on pins and needles waiting for my background check to clear and everything in our lives is pretty much on hold waiting for that.  So we aren’t doing any preparing or anything.  Work was slowish but I had to work through my normal lunch and no one in the office was available to get lunch because there was so much work to do so I was going to go by myself but convinced Dominica that since AJ was in the office that she didn’t need to be there all afternoon and so she could leave to get lunch.

So I swung into the office and picked up Dominica and we went to Redneck for lunch.  While we were there we got the email that my background check was all approved and everything is official.  My start date in Connecticut is October 7th so I officially gave my notice this afternoon.  Nearly three weeks notice, but not quite, but more than two.  We are definitely pretty excited.

Took Dominica home and I worked from home for the last hour of the day.  We spend a lot of the evening planning as we now have definitely plans to try to make and a real timeline to work from.

Late this evening AJ decided that he was hungry while we were out running errands.  He wanted to go to Redneck but we got there and it was completely packed because a game was on – it is not a good place to go during a game.  Instead we walked next door to TGI Fridays and got a quick bite there then back to the house.

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