September 18, 2013: Surprise Visit to Spiceworks

AJ and I were on the road early, leaving around eight, to get down to Austin to drop in on Spiceworks.  What a busy day.  The drive down went fine.  We got down to Round Rock just in time to go to Round Rock Donuts and do a conference call from there via Skype with Bahrain.  That actually went really well.  We got ourselves a dozen donuts from there and then drove on to Spiceworks headquarters.  It is really impossible to state just how excited AJ was to get to go there.

We made decent enough time and hung out in the offices all day.  It was fun and AJ was ecstatic to get to just run around meeting people.  It was a very busy day.

After the day at Spiceworks AJ, Nic, Agent K and I went to “My Place”, a bar across the street, and got dinner before AJ and I got on to the road to make the trip back north.  The drive back was fine, traffic was not too bad.  It is always a bit of a boring trip – the road from Austin to Dallas is a long, flat boring one.

We got back to Dallas and stopped at Jack in the Box so that AJ could eat again.  Then back to the house getting home around eleven.

Didn’t go to bed until after midnight.  Took a while to wind down from the drive.

It is going to take me forever to get caught up from the backlog of emails an posts that I missed while I was out today.  It is amazing the volume of stuff that I handle on a daily basis and any amount of being out really causes me to back up most horribly.

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