September 24, 2013: Sick Ciana and Prometheus

Was planning on going into the office today but it just did not happen.  Too much to do.  I worked all morning and then in the early afternoon had to go into Dominica’s office to help with some stuff there.  That went well but went later than I had anticipated.

Luciana put herself to bed this afternoon, she has a fever and is not feeling well.  So Dominica said that Liesl and I should just go to dinner at the club on our own and just bring home food for Dominica.  But I got home and started getting Liesl ready when Luciana woke up and came out to see us.  She said that she wanted to go to dinner so Dominica and Ciana got ready and we all went to the club for kids’ night.

Realistically tonight was probably our last time to go to the club.  Maybe we will make it next week but we will be so busy that it seems unlikely.  I’d really like to make it to La Cima before we completely leave but I don’t know when we could do it.   Only a few days left before I head north to Connecticut.  Still trying to work out those plans, too much up in the air.

Dominica’s back was hurting her tonight so we couldn’t hang out at Brookhaven as long as the girls would have liked.  They love that we have discovered the “activities table” that they have for the kids there.  Liesl eats her food quickly and asks to go colour and do crafts with the ladies that run the school at Brookhaven.  They are getting to know her.  She has so much fun doing craft projects with them.  Luciana does too but mostly just colours and she does not eat as fast, I think that she forgets that if she gets her food done that she can go do fun things.  So Liesl finished and disappears and Luciana wonders where she has gone.   The girls would have been happy with another half an hour at least but we had to get moving.

Quiet night at home since Dominica just needed to sit and relax.  We watched two episodes of Hot in Cleveland that we had not seen yet and then we put the girls to bed.  Once they were in bed we popped in Prometheus that I had gotten on BluRay a few days ago.  This is the first of a trilogy that together, in theory, functions as the prequel to the Alien Quadrilogy.

Prometheus was pretty good and they seem to be doing some interesting things with the Alien mythology and playing off of some Greek themes.  Ridley Scott did a great job as always.  There is a rumor that the sequel might be in the works soon.  We hope that there is, we want to see where the story is being taken.

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