September 28, 2013: Final Texas Weekend

For all intents and purposes I got no sleep last night.  It was after two when I had gone to bed and my alarm was set for three fifty five.  I woke up two or three times during the night so there was very little chance for me to have actually slept.

Alarm went off and I got up, packed up the room and got in the shower.  Was out the door at a quarter after four.  I drove up to the airport without a map.  That was pretty easily.  It is a little under half an hour to get up there.  At that time of the morning it was incredibly easy to do the drive.

Getting through security at the airport ended up taking way more time that I was used to.  Even though San Jose is a very small airport with only two terminals, not all that dissimilar to Dallas Love Field, the security line was all backed up at five in the morning.  It took at least twenty minutes longer than usual t get through security.

The first flight went fine.  I was on US Air this morning departing San Jose at six twenty and flying into Phoenix where I had a brief layover, during which time I managed to just get a veggie breakfast taco and a restaurant called “Humble Pie”, before boarding the Phoenix to Dallas leg of the trip.

I got my laptop out and put in most of the time in the air from Phoenix to Dallas was spent either catching up on SGL for the past three days or doing some cleanup of my email.  Sometimes it is nice to not have access to WiFi while flying because it forces me to be disconnected which makes catching up on stuff a whole lot easier since nothing can be flowing in at the same time that I am cleaning stuff up.  It was decently productive flight time.

The flight was fine.  The descent into Dallas was pretty exciting due to a high level of turbulence, but it wasn’t bad.  It was raining a little when we touched down.  The girls had requested donuts but it was going to be too late to get donuts from a store as everything closes in Texas so I spent twenty or thirty minutes hunting down a Dunkin Donuts inside of the airport before leaving the secured terminal area.  Not exactly what I wanted to be doing instead of heading home to see the family.  But gotta make my kids happy.

I arrived in Terminal E and had to ride the train to Terminal A parking where the Spark had been sitting.  I found it without any effort and was on the way home.  There was quite a bit of rain and so the trip took more than half an hour instead of the customary fifteen minutes.  So altogether I probably lost an hour in the process of getting home.

Got home and relaxed with the family for a little bit.  Dominica went to the salon at four and I watched the kids.  It was quick and she was home in an hour with some shopping done and dinner from LA Burger – probably my last time to eat their amazing burgers which, of course, didn’t come out quite as I wanted. Argh.

We watched a few episodes of The New Girl while we ate.  We really should have done a bit of packing today but the girls really wanted to hang out with me.  I spent a while just laying on the bed with them jumping on me as they like to do.

We got the kids to bed at a decent time.  Liesl was just heading to bed when the Vielmas arrived to hang out.  The kids babysat and the four of us all went out for dinner and dancing.

It was pretty late before we got to bed and just as we were getting ready for bed we must have woken up Luciana because she came into our room in a haze and asked to sleep with us.  She rarely does this.  So she snuggled with us all night.

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