September 5, 2013: Early to bed….

Woke up at 5:40 this morning and just decided to get some work done.  Dominica was up getting ready to go into her last regularly scheduled day at the office and I had a seven o’clock conference call this morning so decided to just get up and head to the office in the house and get some work done since I was awake anyway.

Worked from home all morning.  Was pretty productive.  Was there will around ten.  Morgan is watching the kids, as usual.

Just before I was about to head into the office Chelsey messaged me needing me to get her socks because she showed up to work with cowboy boots and no socks and was going to be nothing but blisters by the end of the day if she didn’t get socks but she didn’t know anyone in the area.  So I ran over to Target and picked up a pair of socks for her and ran over to Redneck to drop them all.  Luckily it is basically on my way into the office so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Into the office for a few hours.  A little busy today, not too bad.  Then around one Dan and I went up to Redneck for lunch.

Back to work and worked a little late, then home.  We watched Are You Being Served? while I worked from my laptop all evening.  The girls were out of control climbing all over me and Dominica and the couch and screaming and being crazy rambunctious.  Not sure what Morgan gave them but it must have been sugar, food colouring and caffeine.

Finally got the kids to bed.  Dominica was in bed by nine, even before I could get Liesl to bed.  I went to bed at twenty till ten.  Boy I feel old saying that!

Tomorrow is non-farm payroll so I am up at six.

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