September 8, 2013: AJ’s First Day

It’s Sunday.  We got way too little sleep last night.  And we are super soar today.  Both Dominica and I after working out yesterday.  Our legs are just burning like crazy.  We can’t walk anywhere or do anything.

AJ is planning on coming over sometime tonight to stay with us at the house as he was attempting to sleep on the pull-out sofa bed at his parents’ hotel room but it was not comfortable at all, surprise surprise, so he is coming to use our guest room.

We slept in all that we could this morning but that is never very late and last night my old CPAP, the one that I got in February of 2005 while living in Geneseo and working at Wegmans, started to die and I had to switch to my backup and it gave me a bit of a sinus infection and soar throat.

I had to do my regular afternoon Sunday conference call.  Can’t wait to not have to do that any more.  Only a few left, fingers crossed.

Dominica went out to do some shopping this afternoon.  She worked a lot of the morning in Luciana’s room trying to get it ready for AJ to move in there this evening and she had the Acadia loaded up with stuff to donate to Goodwill.  Tons of toys, cloths and miscellaneous kid stuff that we don’t need anymore went there.  We are trying to donate as much as we can as quickly as we can.  We really don’t want to move anything unnecessary back up to the northeast.

It is really hard because Liesl and to some extent Luciana have a really hard time letting go of their old toys.  Just in cleaning things up Luciana was demanding to play with old things that she has not seen in a year.  We had to sneak a lot of stuff out of the house.

She dropped off the donations then went to the learning store to get school supplies for Liesl.  We have determined that even though she is pretty young Liesl is ready for kindergarten level classes so is going to start them this week with Dominica.  And then she hit Aldi as well as we needed some food in the house.

AJ came over this evening rather late.  We hung out at the house for a bit.  This is our first time meeting AJ even though he has worked at NTG for about ten months.  The girls were, of course, over excited and had to play with him for a while.

AJ and I went out to grab a bite and he watched the Dallas v. Giants football game that I could not possibly have cared less about.  I am certainly not sad to be moving to a state that has no football team.

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