October 11, 2013: Heading Up to the Farm

My last day in the office for the week – for my first week.  I checked out of the hotel this morning so that I can head out to dad’s house this evening after work and stay there this weekend.  It looks like I do not have to be house hunting in Connecticut while I am here so I am spending this weekend and next weekend at dad’s house and that gives me time to visit rather than being alone in a hotel wasting time and money.  This cuts me to four hotel rooms per week if I spend Sunday night at dad’s house too.

Today went well.  Pretty uneventful, just studying all day.  That is my big task through all of this week and next.  Mostly watching videos.

Danielle received my new iPhone 5S from TMobile today that we are planning to switch over for me in the morning.  My Windows Phone just didn’t live up to my hopes and expectations and I need to move back to the iOS platform as it is simply a better one.

My new headphones arrived today to use at work.  Bose noise cancelling headphones.  I’ve never used noise cancelling headphones before and I am generally not a fan of Bose but this will be an interesting experiment to see what I think of them.  These are really nice, high end headphones that I get to use but, honestly, the mechanical hum in the office is very high so these are very much needed, even when not listening to anything on them just to cut out the heavy white noise that fatigues you in the office.

I had to charge the new headphones for about an hour before I could use them so I only got about one hour of using them today but boy do they make a difference.  They are heavy but very comfortable and fit my head way better than the ones that I have been using.  And they really do cut out a huge amount of the background noise.

At the end of the day today I got to attend my first ever office happy hour.  That was fun.  It is really awesome to work in an office that attempts to wrap up the week a little on the early side on a Friday rather than where I have been for the last eight years where Friday nights universally meant the busiest evening of the week with work routinely going to six o’clock at a minimum and eight or nine o’clock regularly.

I left the office at five thirty, got in the car and hit the road to go to dad’s immediately.  I am trying a new route to see if I can avoid the New York City traffic as much as possible.  I took CT Route 7 straight north from the office.  I discovered that the offices for Melissa & Doug is just up the street from me.  How interesting.

North on 7 does not take too long before reaching Interstate 84 going west.  Taking 84 to NY 17 up to Interstate 390 back home is pretty straightforward.  A very easy drive – except for the fact that the Chevy Spark has a terrible time trying to make it up the mountains in the Catskills.  I am lucky that the car manages to keep moving and that is with only me in the car.

The drive took about six hours.  It wasn’t a bad drive at all.  I stopped a few times, mostly around Hancock, New York to get gas and coffee at the Tim Horton’s Café.

Got to dad’s house a little before midnight.  Dad was waiting up for me to arrive.  We talked until two in the morning when he was too tired to stay up and went to bed.

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