October 12, 2013: New iPhone 5S

Today is my first day back home on the farm since we were here in mid-June of 2012 having just returned from our six week adventure in Europe.  So it has been sixteen months since I have been home which is, I am pretty sure, my longest stint away from home ever.

I was up pretty early this morning, a little before eight, and got down to the Ralstons’ at eight forty five.  Danielle made omelets and we had breakfast and all hung out for a bit.  We’ve not seen the Ralstons’ for about seven or eight months, I think, although I lose track of time a lot these days.

After breakfast Danielle and I ran up to Marketplace Mall and went to the TMobile store where I got my new iPhone 5S activated to be my main phone instead of the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone which has been okay but not up to par with the iPhone at all.  I am really excited to be back on the iPhone again.  Especially with the 5S which has a bigger screen than my old 4, way faster processor with more memory, runs IOS 7, is international and has the finger print scanner.  I didn’t think that the finger print scanner was going to matter but after using it for just a few minutes I realized that it is really awesome – maybe my favourite feature of the new phone.

After TMobile it was over to Best Buy to get a protective screen for the phone then to Tim Horton’s for coffee.  Then back down to their house.

We worked for several hours at the house until probably three in the afternoon.  We covered a lot of ground.  Massively productive day.

Then I went up to the house and hung out with dad until Sharon and Leo and dad’s cousins Patty and Vicki came up and we all went down to Perry to the Lumberyard for dinner.  Have not been there in quite a while.  Dinner was very good.  Tanqueray martini and a stuffed salmon fillet.

This evening I used Facetime on the new iPhone to talk to Liesl and Luciana although I only barely got to see Luciana flash by and say “hi” to her and from then on Liesl monopolized the phone.  I got about ten minutes with Liesl before she wanted to talk to grandpa and probably spent forty five minutes talking to dad.  She took him on tour after tour of the house and even took the iPhone up to her bunk bed where she and Ciana were hanging out.  She really misses her grandpa.

After dinner it was back to the house.  This evening dad and I watched the movie Now You See Me which was not too bad.  Cute adventure movie although it was pretty cheesy overall.

Got to bed at a decent time.  Was pretty tired after my short night last night.

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