October 13, 2013: Sunday on the Farm

Got up at seven thirty, showered and then at nine dad’s cousins, Patty and Vicky, came up to the house and we all drove up to Bob Evans in Batavia to have breakfast before they were getting onto the Thruway to head out to Ohio.  We had a really nice breakfast but could not hang out for too long as they needed to get on to the road.

Dad and I came back home and were there only about twenty minutes before we drove down to the Milligan’s farm so that dad could give me a tour of their milking facility which is pretty new there.  We got to see the cows eating and then went up to the observation room and watched them get milked as well.  It was not a long tour but pretty interesting.  It is a really impressive operation that they have down there.

After that we were at the house for a few hours.  I got some Spiceworks posting done – I was actually completely caught up on that all weekend which is really impressive considering the volume of stuff that I missed during the week this past week – and we just talked in the living room.

At four, Sharon and Leo came up and we got pizza from Davis’ (we still call it that even though it has not been called that for years) and they hung out for about two hours.

This evening dad and I watched I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.  It wasn’t great but it was cute and entertaining.  After that we watched the pilot of Robin William’s new show The Crazy Ones which I think that Dominica will like because it has Sarah Michelle Geller in it.

That pretty much took us up to the end of the day.  Dad went upstairs to watch his Sunday night shows at eight and I went to bed.  The plan is to sleep from eight until one thirty and then hit the road around about two thirty and drive straight to the office in Connecticut.  That saves me from getting an extra hotel night (which is over ninety dollars) and gives me a little extra time at the house to relax.

I did manage to do my laundry today too in between things.  This whole week I only produced a single load of laundry so that was no big deal at all.

As it currently stands I am planning on doing the same thing next weekend – leaving work on Friday night, hopefully closer to five this week, and driving up to the farm and staying there until early Monday morning before returning to work.  Reducing my week to four hotel room nights instead of five might sounds trivial but that is a twenty percent reduction in the hotel costs and it really adds up over a course of weeks.

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