October 14, 2013: Back to Connecticut

Got up at one thirty this morning.  Going to bed at eight and getting up at one thirty feels a bit odd but somehow I managed to get enough sleep and felt pretty decent when I got up.

It took me until three to be showered and have the car all packed up and be pulling out of the driveway.  It was a light rain this morning which slowed be down a bit.  The Spark is not good in rain (and I am sure not snow which I will be finding out soon enough.)

I drove over to Geneseo and fueled up so that I didn’t have to deal with it later.  Gas was around $3.78.   A far cry from the $2.98 that I saw last week on my drive from Texas to Connecticut.

After getting gas I stopped by Tim Horton’s to get a sesame bagel with cream cheese and a coffee.  From there it was on to Interstate 390 heading south.  The rain lasted for me until Bath, New York which was pretty crappy.  That made for a slow trip for the first long stretch.  But once I was past Bath I was able to speed up and really did not see rain the rest of the trip.

On the drive I continued listening to “A Concise History of the Middle East” which I have been listening to on Audible since Friday which I believe that I forgotten to mention last week.

Overall the drive was not bad.  Five hours and fifty minutes using the Geneseo path on the western edge and the Danbury path on the eastern edge.  And stopping for times, twice for fuel, once for coffee and once at a rest stop.  So leaving at three in the morning to get to the office is not bad at all but leaving at two thirty would be more ideal.

More training this morning.  Lots more videos.

There was a birthday on the team today so the whole team went out for BBQ at lunch today in Westport, Connecticut.  I got a veggie burger with onions and a spicy chipotle mayo that was very good.  It was a very good lunch.

This afternoon we had baked goods at work.  I am not sure what the occasion was but there was pie, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

After work it was back to the Econolodge in Norwalk.  This time I got a better rate but am stuck in a stinky smoking room in order to get the king bed that I prefer.

Went to bed around midnight.

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