October 16, 2013: Hump Day of Week Two in CT

Not very much to say about today.  The time away from the family is stretching out.  I am just under halfway through the time and it is not any fun.  I’m really missing everyone back in Texas.  I’ll be in Texas in just a little over a week but I won’t see the girls for a full six days after arriving there.  I won’t see them until Halloween evening when we drive to Houston from Austin.  Four weeks without them 🙁

I am in the Econolodge today, still, but today is my last one staying here.  I’ll be leaving the hotel tomorrow morning and switching to another hotel nearer to the office.

Nothing to report from the new job.  Still studying.  It was a good day though.  Feeling good.

I did very little after work tonight.  Just back to the hotel and spent the evening alone.

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