October 17, 2013: New Hotel

I checked out of the Econolodge this morning.  I’m approved to be in the hotel by the office tonight which will be really nice.  It is an easy walk to the office from there rather than being several miles away.  The Econolodge has been good.  It is pretty cheap, about seventy to eight dollars, and not horribly far from the office.  But it is not around the corner either and not as cheap as one might hope.  It suits by purposes.

Got into the office today.  Nothing much going on.  I studied most of the day and finished up my class material ahead of schedule.  So that seems to be going well.

After work today I switched hotels and moved into the hotel right down the street from the office which is great.  That’s at a minimum ten minutes closer and a far nicer hotel.  The hotel room was really nice.  I resisted eating in the restaurant, though, as there was no need for extra food.  But it looked really good.

I spent an hour on Facetime with Liesl and Luciana who were fighting over Dominica’s iPhone because they both wanted to talk to me.  The fought a bit but at least they pretty much got equal time with me after all was said and done.  It is great being in this hotel because the Internet access is good enough here that I can use Facetime.  At the Econolodge I cannot.  I can only talk to the girls when I am at dad’s otherwise.

Once I was off of the phone it was around nine and I just decided to head to bed right away.  I have not been getting enough sleep and there was no reason to be up at all tonight.  I didn’t even take time to plug in my laptop before drifting off to sleep.

[Totally forgot to post this…. wrote it inline but am backposting to fill it in.]

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