October 18, 2013: Driving Back to Dad’s

It was great waking up in the new hotel.  This is much nicer than what I have been used to for the last two weeks.  I’m thrilled with the new digs.

I got breakfast in the hotel this morning, which was nice.  Scrambled eggs and potatoes.  Nothing crazy but can’t get eggs at the Econolodge and really shouldn’t have breakfast without protein.

Had to pack up the hotel room, today is my last day down in Connecticut for the week, and into the office.

Very slow day at the office today.  Nothing scheduled and my only work was to study.  So very few interruptions.

Had to figure out how to get the oil changed in the Spark today.  No one has the oil filter.  This has become a pretty severe problem.  Dad spent a few hours trying to find the part somewhere but had very little luck.  The Chevy dealer was the only place in the area that he was able to find it.  I tried to take my car in for service locally in Norwalk but the instant oil change place didn’t have the filter and the Chevy dealer was backlogged until next week at a minimum.

After happy hour (at the office) I hit the road. It was only a few minutes after five thirty and I made very good time getting up to Danbury and headed west on Interstate 84.  The drive went well and I was not tired at all the entire way.  I listened to a good chunk of “The Last Founding Father” which did not get me yet up to the point where James Monroe has run for President yet but it did cover a lot of the War of 1812 (the Second War of Independence) which was really fascinating because there was so much about the war that I have never been taught.  American schools seem to really just gloss over this really critical war.

Got into dad’s house around eleven, having made excellent time and having good weather.  We talked for an hour or two and then were off to bed.  Have to be up to deal with the car in the morning.

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