October 2, 2013: Big Tips Texas Premier

Had to be up at six this morning so that I could be into the office by seven.  Non-farm payroll, which I thought that I would was going to be covering on Friday morning, was cancelled because of the government shutdown that happened two days ago.  So this morning’s ADP numbers are the last early morning numbers that I need to cover for the office.  It is definitely an end of a very long tradition.  I’ve been the guy covering the Foreign Exchange and Rates calls for most of a decade.

Quiet morning, the call went smoothly.  No issues.

This morning’s project for me is to go to Public Storage and get access to our new storage unit that Dominica called to reserve yesterday.  We are just getting a small 5’ x 5’ storage unit to offload a small amount of the stuff that is not supposed to move up to New York and/or Connecticut with us.  We want to start moving stuff there today to get it out of the way while I am here so that Dominica does not have to deal with it in any way.  Especially since much of the stuff that I am going to move is heavy and would pose a problem.  So I ran there at lunch and got that all set up.  I will take our first load of stuff over there this afternoon.

Came home and spent the afternoon packing.  Got a huge load ready for the storage unit – the Acadia was really packed.  Had to get one of the big shelving units cleared off in the garage so that I could take it over there plus all kinds of gear.  That was the first big dent in the packing process.  Very noticeable.

This evening Watson and I had said that we would go to Redneck as it is my last chance to go there at night.  We had been going to go over the weekend but decided to do it mid week.    He picked me up at nine and we went over.

Redneck was pretty busy tonight.  We sat with Stefany, which was really handy as we had a chance to discuss her renting the house which she is very interested in doing, and ended up getting sat in a reserved seating area for the preview showing of the new television show Big Tips Texas which is shot at Redneck Heaven with several people that I know.

We were only there for a few minutes before there was a pounding on the window behind me.  It was Amber, the main star of the new show and one of my regular lunch waitresses before she moved down to the Arlington location to film the show. I’ve not seen her in months because of that but have known here for nearly two years.  So she was excited to see me and came inside shortly to visit.

The show came on around ten and about half of the cast was there sitting beside us to watch it.  Most of them, like Amber, had not seen anything but the commercials yet so this was their very first time seeing themselves on television.  I managed to get a picture of Amber watching as she was on television for the very first time (you can see both her in the picture and her on television at the same time – it was the very first scene in which she was showed.)

We watched the show with everyone.  It was very loud in there with all of the girls screaming.  All three people that I know that are stars in the show were there with us.

After the show was over we moved outside instead.  The place cleared out a bit after the show was over.  The weather is great, perfect for sitting outside.

We had a really good time and it was the perfect way to wrap up my final chance to go out to Redneck.  After a few years of being “part of the gang” here Watson and I managed to go out with a big, nostalgic wrap up.

Got home and off to bed.  Busy weekend coming up.

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