October 20, 2013: Little Pond

Slept in a little today.  Got up and shortly dad and I went out in search of some breakfast.  We went down to Mt. Morris to try our hand at Brian’s USA Diner but there was a bit of a line so we abandoned that idea and instead drove over to Perry and went to John and Sarah’s which was full but didn’t have a line at least.

Breakfast was very good and when we were done we walked over to the car dealer across the street because dad thought that he had seen a new Fiat over there, but we didn’t find any.  We did discover that Chevy now is selling a Turbo Diesel version of the Cruze which is pretty interesting.

We went back to the house and I checked in online and then we went for a walk before the rain hit over to the little pond area across the street from the house.  Dad has done a lot to clear that area out.  It is all mowed now and you can easily walk all over.  I can’t remember the last time that you could walk around half of that area and never were you able to get to this much of it.  I got to see where Mr. Humphries is buried, beneath a little stone with his name engraved on it at the edge of the woods in a small stand of aspen trees.

I got to see the plum tree that grandpa planted over there.  I was so little that I don’t remember the tree being planted.  I am guessing that it was planted when I was three or younger.  I remember being very little and knowing that there was this little baby tree over there with this wire mesh fence around it to protect it.  I can’t remember the last time that I saw it but it was very little still.  It was knocked over in the big ice storm in 1991 but it lived and grew along the ground.  It is alive and doing well but not at all what grandpa would have expected.  It still has the little wire around the base.  Dad and my cousins harvested plums from it and ate them in grandpa’s memory when they were up from Ohio a few weeks ago.  That tree is so much older than any of them.

This evening we went up to Tom Wahl’s in Avon for dinner.  We had been debating where to go when it just “came up.”  Sharon and Leo ended up calling as we were just headed there so they ran out and joined us too.

After dinner we came home and I was in bed by eight thirty.  Another short Sunday.  I will be up at two tomorrow morning, with just five hours of sleep, so that I can drive from dad’s down to Connecticut.

Danielle is leaving around the same time tomorrow to go up to Syracuse, well Liverpool, and pick up A.J. and then drive out to Albany where they are catching Amtrak to go down into Manhattan for the day.

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