October 23, 2013: Back to the Other Hotel

I checked out of the Econolodge this morning.  They realized that I was a rewards member today and said that they really appreciated having me there, they really need the rewards members going there, apparently.  I guess that we show up differently in the reporting systems.  I supposed it tells corporate that their loyal customers choose the site rather than being chosen at random by people who don’t go on to utilize the rest of the chain.

Very slow day in the office today.  My boss has been out sick and my initial training is done.  But since I am leaving to head back to Texas the day after tomorrow it is not really that big of a deal.  I just have a couple of really slow days leading up to my two weeks of vacation.  Not a bad thing at all.

At the end of the day I was out at another site and went directly from there to the Hotel Zero Degrees to get checked in.  I’m glad to be back there.  And glad that I don’t have to pay for it – otherwise I would be at the Econolodge indefinitely.

I was feeling pretty lonely this evening and Dominica suggested that I go to the hotel bar and see actual people.  So I gave that a try.  It was packed there but not anyone being sociable at the bar.  I got some food, which was excellent, and a cocktail but did not hang around overly long.

Back in the hotel room I mostly posted on Spiceworks and listened to the book that I am working on, “Ten Big Ones” which I am a little over halfway through.  The sound of the book at least helps to keep the hotel from being so empty.

I went to bed early, probably around ten thirty.  Dominica messaged me just as I was going to bed to say that she and the girls had watched Disney’s “The Incredibles” tonight and that the girls had loved it.  They are all on a Disney movie marathon to get Liesl ready for Disney World next week.  We will be heading there just one week from tomorrow!  I can’t believe it.  Only two more days before I am on my way to Texas myself.

Art and Danielle hit the road to drive from New York to Dallas tonight.  They are driving more or less straight through as they have work to do on Thursday afternoon down there.  A long drive.  They hit some snow so turned south early on I79 from Erie to get away from it.  So they are heading through West Virginia – a way that none of us have driven before but partially the way that I had wanted to try when I was headed northbound recently.

My plan is to attempt walking to the office tomorrow now that I am at the closer hotel.  Why drive and deal with parking every day when I could get exercise instead.  My parking is free and not that hard, but still.  If the car can not move for a few days, best to take advantage of it.  I miss being able to walk to work.

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