October 3, 2013: Last Full Day in Texas

Today, effectively, is my last day with CitiGroup.  Tomorrow is officially my last day but all I am doing is getting lunch, turning in my remote access stuff and BlackBerry and heading for home.  So today is the last day actually working.

To celebrate my final day, I was paged out at two thirty this morning to deal with an issue that offshore support in India could not handle so I was up for about an hour.  It’s been a week since I was last paged out so this was kind of a “for old times’ sake” kind of thing, in my mind.

To deal with the outage that occurred during the night I was paged out at eight this morning too.  I was fast asleep and so it took me a good five minutes to figure out what was going on and remember that I had been paged out during the night.  Typical me.

I went into the office, we were going to have lunch today but it had to be postponed because of the outages from last night.  So doing lunch tomorrow.

This afternoon I had to run into Dominica’s office to take care of some last minute stuff there.  Very busy day.

Went home and loaded up a big load of gear in the Acadia and took it down to the storage unit.  Dominica really needed me to do that before I left.  It got another shelving unit and lots of big, heavy stuff out of the house.

On the way back from the storage unit I swung through Eat Street Kabob Factory and picked up our anniversary dinner that Dominica had called in to order for me.  We love their food and won’t be getting anything like that potentially for a while.

I had to run in to Redneck for a quick pickup of my Mass Effect game but it was forgotten so the it was a quick up and back.  No spare time tonight.

This evening we watched Monsters, Inc. with the girls.  Liesl really liked it.  She remembered watching Monsters University over the summer at the drive in.  Dominica is on a mission to introduce Liesl to as many Disney movies and characters as possible so that she will recognize them once we get to Disney World next month.

We put in some time getting a workstation built for me to deliver tomorrow.

Luciana was not feeling well today and slept nearly all day.  She has been sick for days and has not been sleeping well.  Apparently she was making up for it today.  She got up for a while this evening but was back asleep after not too long, but was still up until after midnight.

At one point Luciana was upset and Liesl went and sat on the entry step with her.  It was so adorable.  Liesl was so mature sitting there talking her down and making her feel better.  They are great sisters.

Liesl was, apparently, too tired today and got really angry with me because of something that she got in trouble about.  She stormed off to her room and when I went to check in on her she had fallen asleep in her bed.  So I covered her up and she slept the night away like that.

Dominica and I watched How I Met Your Mother after Liesl went off to bed.


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