October 8, 2013: Day Two

My second day of work here in Connecticut was pretty non-eventful.  I am still in the Econolodge where I plan to stay out the week.  Went into the office this morning around eight.  I’ll give a shoutout to my new coworker(s) that are reading this appalled that people (other than them) sit around reading my sleep and food habits every day.

It was a quiet morning.  Got a lot done.  Around the middle of the day I had to go out to another campus which left me scrambling to drive around Connecticut to find another town and to find an office there hidden in the woods out on a farm.  It’s amazing where offices are hidden in Connecticut. I am not sure that I’ve ever come across anyplace that does office spaces like this.

I left the office at about a quarter after six and returned to the hotel.  I am still a little tired from the weekend of crazy driving and need time to relax.   I am also attempting to refinance the Peekskill house so there is a lot of coordination with that that needs to be done.  If we can pull it off, which at the moment it appears that we can, it could save us nearly $240K in total financing costs by shortening our mortgage by a full decade.  Hopefully will know more about that tomorrow.

Walked around just a little bit to hit CVS and to grab a tuna salad sandwich.  Other than that, a quiet night in the Econolodge.

I am nearly done reading Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee which, now that I read it, I can see how it lead directly in to his two subsequent books Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse both of which I read long ago.

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