November 12, 2013: Snow! and Moving In

Woke up in the hotel this morning and got ready for work. Opened the door to discover that the world was white. Well, white-ish. We opened the curtains and the girls jumped up to look out. Liesl loves snow and has been looking forward to being back up north and Luciana has literally never seen snow before that we can remember. If she has, she was so little that she would not remember it at all.

I left them at the hotel and went into the office. Dominica will be checking out shortly and taking the kids up to Peekskill to actually move into the house today. We are sleeping there tonight, which I am very excited about. I am so tired of living in hotels. I’ve been doing the hotel thing now for six weeks! From hotels on the road to the hotel in Norwalk to the hotel in Austin to the hotel is Florida….. enough already. I’ve been in hotels so much in October and November that it is just like our trip to Europe again. And even the very few days that we were not in hotels I had two nights at the house in Texas, but not contiguous and one night in Houston. So those felt like hotel nights too even though they technically were not.

I got our Internet access from Cablevision ordered today. We have missed having Optimum Online. It is so good. We are getting 50/25 Mb/s service for just $54/month. That’s way better than the 25/25 for $80 that we were getting in Texas. Many things really are cheaper in the northeast. And things move much faster, our service will be installed on Thursday! That was easy.

I got home and found the family enjoying a fire in the fireplace. The house is still pretty empty, we only have a few bags and mostly that is cloths. We are planning on Dominica making a trip to Texas around January to arrange getting our stuff shipped up. It is going to be a long two to three months without anything!

We did pretty much nothing tonight. Just sat around the living room and talked.

We don’t have the girls’ room set up yet. So Liesl is sleeping in our bed with us, which is very tight as it is only a queen, and Luciana is sleeping on her little blue cot under the window, also in our room. She tried sleeping in her own room but there is no nightlight and she did not like that. So we are all camped out in a single room.

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