November 15, 2013: Lost in Connecticut

I had to drive out to Westport this morning rather than going in to Norwalk. So I got to do some additional Connecticut navigation that I have not done previously since I am coming directly from Peekskill this morning. I did, however, get lost en route and that wasn’t very helpful. So I was running late when I finally got out to Westport. It is going to take me a while to have a good internal feel for how to get around the Gold Coast.

Left work around five thirty and immediately got caught in a traffic jam caused by an accident out on CT15. So I did not get home early at all. As soon as I did get home we ran out to Walmart to go shopping. We went looking for a monitor for the desktop in the basement but Walmart had nothing. We did manage to grap an Ethernet cable that we needed but that was about it. On well. On to Best Buy.

At Best Buy we did well. We found a pair of twenty seven inch LED LCD monitors for Dominica’s basement office (my office will eventually be in our upstairs bedroom.) We realized while out that we did not have a power cord for the computer in the house. So bought two computers today so that we can cannibalize the power cord from the one for the computer until next weekend when we are at dad’s house and can pick up some of our stuff (and possibly my monitor for my desktop too.) That way no wasting money on an extra power cable that will just be another one of scores of them that we have in boxes here and there.

Came home and got the monitors hooked up. They are pretty nice, I am very happy with them. The price was good and now Dominica is going to have a much better setup than she has had in the past. This is very impressive and better than I have ever had anywhere that I have worked, including currently. Dual 1920×1080 27” LED LCDs is not bad at all. She should be very happy once we get the power for the second monitor.

Our plan is to have two mostly neutral desktops in the house, one in the basement that is officially her office and one in our bedroom that is officially mine but really set them up with the intention that we will both be going back and forth regularly and need to have them both working from either location for whatever we need. Then we are getting (building) a video game system as well that is going to be hooked up in the basement and will be attached to our main television. That’s probably not until around March or so. My own office in the bedroom needs a desk so that is probably going to wait on Art to build a built in one.

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