November 29, 2013: Black Friday, No Shopping For Us

Surprisingly I was up early before eight this morning and came down to the kitchen and managed, by noon, to be completely caught up on SGL.  Finally.  I’ve been needing to get that done.  There was a lot to write about since the Disney trip was in that missing time.

Dominica was up not long after me and spent the morning assembling Playmobil stuff for Liesl.  Both girls are super excited about the Playmobil stuff.  Ciana thinks that it looks like great fun.

I’ve been keeping up to date on Spiceworks too.  Very productive morning for me.

Mostly just worked on my laptop or played with the girls until it was early evening and time to go to the Kitlas for dinner.  (A Friday tradition here.)  After dinner Dominica and her dad tried to go to the movies to see Catching Fire together but the movie sold out before they got there so they came back to the house.  It is amazing to me that movies still sell out in this day and age.  That so many people want to go watch movies in a theater amazes me.  And that, at the same time, drive in theaters do so poorly.

I played Liesl’s 2DS some on Mario Kart to win some races and open up new characters and cars and tracks for her.  She played her 2DS so much today that the battery died by early evening and we plugged it in in the living room and both girls played it for hours more sitting on the couch.

The family watching the first six or seven episodes of the new WB television show Arrow which is on Netflix.  Even I enjoyed it and it is based on a comic book.  However, recently, I’ve figured out that I actually have traditionally enjoyed movies based on comic books and that it is exclusively Marvell comics that I dislike so much.  I’ve always liked Superman, Batman and, now, Green Arrow stories.

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