November 5, 2013: EPCOT Day with Dad

Dominica was up long before me today and went to the cafeteria of the Pop Century and brought back coffee for me and pancakes for the girls.  That was probably around eight.  At nine thirty we were at the Pop Century bus stop waiting for our ride to EPCOT.

The girls were anxious to return to The Sea because they liked the shark area so much.  So we did the Finding Nemo ride again (another ride that dad has never seen) and went to the aquarium.  The girls had a great time playing in the shark area and did not want to leave at all.  They were determined to stay there all day, I think.  Luciana ended up throwing a temper tantrum and I had to sit with her for a long time while dad and Dominica took Liesl to Turtle Talk with Crush.  That sucked because that is one of the rides that I have never seen either and when they finally came out they all raved about how awesome it was – one of the best things that they had done in WDW.  At least after a while I managed to get Luciana to up upstairs with me and explore the real aquarium.  Once she started seeing the fish she had a good time.

Then we went next door to Living with the Land.  Again I took Luciana and we did the Living with the Land boat ride, which is my favourite thing in EPCOT and she really enjoyed too, while the rest of the family did Soarin’ which isn’t my thing and is not something that Luciana is big enough to do.

From there we headed south to the World Showcase.  Our big scheduled event of the day is lunch with the princesses at Akershus.  Like our breakfast at the Polynesian the other day, this is a repeat from our last big trip in 2009.  The food was really good, like I remembered.  This is one of the better restaurants for me, even though I do not like the character meet and greet affairs.

We rode the Maelstrom, Liesl was not impressed.  She is “too cool” for rides like that to be thrilling.

We decided that we had enough of the park for the morning and that we would return to the hotel and take a break.  So we headed back through EPCOT but we got sidetracked at Innoventions.  Liesl wasn’t to check it out and we ended up being there for at least half an hour if not longer.  Liesl and Dominica went off and did a fire safety exhibit which was great fun for Liesl.  She did really well on the learning adventure that they had and ended up spending extra time with the fire safety instructor afterward learning more stuff.  We couldn’t believe how long she was involved in that.

Back to the hotel for some time to relax.  It was only just after two when we went back.

We returned to EPCOT at seven.  We went to the Sunshine Seasons and got food for the girls.  Then it was off to the World Showcase to make use of the Food and Wine Festival.  Dominica and I kicked that off with a stop at Scotland to get vegetarian haggis.  We had been planning on that one for months.  It was pretty good.  No idea what exactly makes it haggis if it is vegetarian but we were not about to try the real thing.  We were glad to have a chance to try haggis in our own way.  Next we tried Ireland where we got lobster fisherman’s pie which was quite good.  Dominica and I were just splitting snacks so it was not that much food.

Dad stopped by his traditional spot, the Yorkshire Fish and Chips in the UK.  In France I got escargot that was really amazing.

Ciana had been wanting ice cream but finding that this late in the evening proved to be pretty hard.  We finally found green tea ice cream in Japan and she really liked that.  Liesl, not so much.

We decided that it was cold and rainy and that we were tired and called it a night.  We have an early morning tomorrow.


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