November 6, 2013: 1900 Park Fare and Magic Kingdom

This morning was another early morning with a mad rush to get out the door and get to the buses so that we could take the ride to the Grand Floridian so that we could go to 1900 Park Fare for breakfast.  This time our bus driver did not drop us off there so we had to go to the Magic Kingdom first then take the monorail over to the Grand Floridian.  It was way too much travel to get somewhere for breakfast.

The food at breakfast was really good and the characters, Mary Poppins and the Alice in Wonderland characters, did an excellent job but I find the character meals to be ridiculously stressful and completely no fun.  It was clear that the joy of meeting characters had waned for the girls as well and they were really not into it.  They have been declining since the first one.

On our way into Fantasyland there was a place to meet the princess from Brave and get her autograph.  Liesl really wanted this one so the three girls went and waiting in the line for that and dad and I just hung out on the bridge across the way.  Both girls are still very into meeting the princesses.  The line was long but they were very excited when they got to meet her and they had activities for the girls to do after meeting her as well.  They had a lot of fun.

Once we were done eating, it was off to Fantasyland for another trip on Dumbo: The Flying Elephant.  Before getting on the ride we did quite a long time in the playground area.  Dad and I took the girls on Dumbo this time, Dominica gets woozy on these rides but it doesn’t bother us at all.

Then they all took a rest and I took Liesl, just the two of us, to ride on Goofy’s Barnstormer.  This was Liesl’s very first rollercoaster!  She has never been on anything like this before.  This was a pretty short but pretty intense coaster for someone so little.  She did it like a champ.  If the line had not been so long I am sure that we would have done it again too.

She did so well there that we went over to Frontierland and rode Splash Mountain.  Dad and Luciana waited for us at the bottom.  Liesl decided that this one was too much for her when it was over, but a few hours later started to say that she would like to do it again.  Apparently she just needed to work herself up to it.  But no time today.

We left dad to rest for a little big and took Liesl to the Haunted Mansion which she has been talking about for days.  She is really interested in this one.  We had a Fast Pass, which is new for this ride, so no waiting at all.  Liesl loved it.  She said that it was “fun scary.”  She liked the whole thing and looks forward to doing it again.

Then we walked over to Fantasyland again and took Liesl on It’s a Small World while we were there.  She liked it.

Dad met us at the castle then it was over to the Columbia Harbor House for a late, light lunch as they have one of our favourite menus in Walt Disney World.

Once we were done eating we returned to Fantasyland yet again and Dominica and dad took Liesl to do the Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Luciana was really tired and needed time to rest so I stayed with her and the stroller.  That was probably forty five minutes or possibly an hour of rest time that she and I got.  It turned out that Liesl got picked to be the Beast again!  That’s twice in one week.  That can’t be normal.  There is no doubt that she has the most awesome roar, though.  I am very sad that I missed it.  I sort of got to see her the first time but only sort of.  It would have been really nice to get to see her do it at least this time.

While we were at the Enchanted Tales my iPhone died so I lost the ability to track the rest of the day which is unfortunate because being in Disney World for so long makes all of the days and events run together a lot.

We went to Adventureland and the family all got ice cream.  Everyone else got regular Mickey Mouse ice cream.  I went for my classic Dole whip which I have gotten on basically every trip since my parents got it for me in 1987!  We ate our ice cream in the stroller parking area for the Jungle Cruise.  While we were there we got to see one of the secret spots for one of the extended Disney adventure games.  I don’t know its name but it is something about pirates.  If you waited long enough someone would come by and activate a hidden emblem on a barrel and a pirate skeleton would pop up out of the river and tell a story and give a clue to the next adventure.  Pretty neat.

The girls were pretty indifferent to the Jungle Cruise.  The boat ride they enjoyed but the punish dialogue wasn’t funny to them.

I am pretty sure that we called it an early day.  Feet really killing us and dad needed time to relax as tomorrow he is heading out for his flight.  It is already Wednesday.  He leaves tomorrow and we leave on Saturday morning to drive to New York.

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