October 26, 2013: Dallas to Houston

Yesterday was the flight from New York to Dallas for me.  This morning is the drive from Dallas to Houston and this begins my really, really long driving spree of 3,200 miles over the course of the next two weeks.  This is going to be some seriously busy times for me.  But at least I am with the kids.

I got to see Luciana this morning.  She was so excited when she came into our room and found me.

We got the car packed up and on the road early.  Lots of driving today and we need to be down to League City before Clara’s t-ball game because we are watching her at the game.  So we were under a tight time constraint and were hurrying.  We did okay, though, and were able to go to the Grices’ and unload the car and had a little bit to relax before heading out to the game.

More driving tomorrow, have to be back in Dallas!  Gotta get sleep tonight.

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