October 27, 2013: SpiceCorps DFW

I woke up, on my own around four in the morning.  I was wide awake and was not going to go back to sleep (probably because there is just so much to do) so I decided to get up and get myself ready.  Dominica woke up from the noise and some point and agreed that we should just get in the car and get moving.  So we did.  We were packed and out the door in the dark of night long before anyone else was awake.  Francesca and the older girls were out camping all weekend so weren’t around anyway.

We made very good time being on the road so early.  We were back up in Dallas by ten in the morning!  The Ralstons were not expecting that.  They came over early and we spent the day “working” around the house but not getting the packing done that we had hoped to have been doing this weekend.  The extra trip to Houston made that mostly impossible.  Not sure how we are going to handle that but we will figure it out.

Late afternoon we all had to get ready to go to SpiceCorps DFW tonight out in Grapevine.  The Ralstons went back to their hotel and we got ready at the house.  Our last evening in the house!  This is it, we move out tomorrow morning, we are done.  I can’t believe it.

We ran over to the hotel and Art followed us to SpiceCorps.  Alt-N hosted for us tonight at their offices.  They put on a great dinner and had lots of drinks for everyone.  It was really great.  We had a nice turn out, mostly the regulars on a night like tonight – the “night before” SpiceWorld event.  I love this event because it is almost all the “old friends” that we see year after year and only the most dedicated, hard core veterans turn out for this Sunday night party.

We had a good time and got back long before we usually do.  Probably for the best.  Kim came over from SpiceCorps to take a trunk load of alcohol from our home bar that we needed to unload.  We are really sad to see it all go, we had amassed quite a bar of stuff but it is unreasonable to try to ship it all up to New York, especially as we have no bar there.  So probably sixty bottles, maybe eighty, went home with her in the trunk!

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