October 28, 2013: SpiceWorld 2013

Today is the kick off of SpiceWorld so Dominica and I are off to Austin this morning.  The girls have been in Houston since Saturday, we left them there when we came back up to Dallas yesterday, so that we would not have to drive them to Houston today.

The drive down to Austin went pretty well.  We had to get down there pretty early because Art and I had a meeting at three this afternoon and we all wanted to get settled into the hotel before that.  Art and Danielle were driving around the DFW picking people up for a car pool down there so they left before us.

We got to Austin pretty early.  So much earlier than I have ever been there for SpiceWorld.  This was really nice.  Time to get into the hotel, to relax and to do other things before jumping into the big event full force.

Once we got settled into our rooms, Dominica took a nap and Art and I set out, on foot, to walk downtown to our lunch meeting.  It was a long walk and the day was hot so we were sweating by the time that we got there.  We had to walk very briskly and for several miles.  But it was a good workout.  Lunch (or early dinner) was very good.  We were the only people at a quiet place near fourth.

Dominica and Danielle went to the convention center while we were at our meeting and got us checked in to the conference, got our bags of swag and took them back to the hotel for us.  That was incredibly handy because that is such a pain to deal with tomorrow – both the check in and the dealing with all of the “stuff” that you have to carry around.

We ended up meeting up at the conference center and then, from there, heading to the first event of the evening.  And SpiceWorld has officially begun!

We had two parties tonight.  Both very low key.  Then from there it was the trek to sixth to Touche’s and the real SpiceWorld party was on 🙂  Dominica was still feeling sick from the pink eye that she has had for a week or two so thought better of going out tonight and instead went back to the hotel and got some sleep early.  That was probably smart.

I ended up with the very last people straggling back.  It was close down sixth, then IHOP and on to the hotel at three thirty in the morning.  We are going to be hurting tomorrow for sure.

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