October 30, 2013: SpiceWorld 2013, Day Two

Dominica was up and in before me today.  She and Danielle ended up having to set up camp and work in the cafeteria much of the morning.  Danielle ended up working pretty much all day.  I was in pretty early, around eight.  Not bad for the last day here.

Today felt much more busy and pressured.  Probably because there was so much going on.  And by mid-afternoon Dominica and I learned that Luciana was not feeling well and we were under a threat of having to potentially pack up and run to Houston at any moment.  We spent at least two hours at the end of the conference dealing with that.  She ended up improving a little so we were able to stay but we are likely having to deal with that tomorrow and we are definitely missing the “morning after” breakfast tomorrow morning.  That sucks as that is always a fun time to wind down and just enjoy being in Austin as we attempt to leisurely work our way back to wherever we are going.

Tonight, for the first time ever since I have been to Spiceworld, because  of the location of the new venue, we did not go directly to Touche’s but instead hit the Luster Pearl where we spent the evening.  It was a very different atmosphere but it worked out pretty well.  We all hung out outside and it rained a bit, but it was fine.  The big advantage was that it was so ridiculously close to the convention center that everyone was able to walk there in just a few minutes.

I called it a night on the early side, as did most everyone.  There were only a few people left after me and I headed back probably around midnight.

We have to be up and on the road to Houston early tomorrow.  Luciana needs to see a doctor.

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