December 10, 2013: The New Basement Couch Arrives

I woke up around two after a bizarre dream about moving from California to, somewhere, and having forgotten to move my books and needing to hire a taxi to drive me there to get them and driving back with them in a taxi.  But once home falling asleep and forgetting to unload the taxi and so it left.  Weird.  I guess subconsciously I’m worried about all of our stuff waiting back in Texas needing to be moved up here.

I woke up again around three and realized that Dominica had never come to bed.  I had not noticed because Luciana was snuggled up with me so I didn’t notice that Dominica was not on the other side of her.  If Dominica does not come to bed at the same time that I do then I know that she is going to stay up late watching her shows so I don’t expect her to be there for several hours.  But I was awake enough that I checked my phone and got up to go look for her.  I found her on the chez lounge watching the “Vampire Diaries” as I had expected.  So I made her go to bed.

I tried falling back asleep but couldn’t so get up at three thirty and went down to the basement to get to work.  Might as well catch up on things rather than lying in bed thinking about being unproductive and not sleeping anyway.

Finally this morning, the Top Contributors page on Spiceworks has been fixed which is exciting because on Friday afternoon I finally passed Andy Phelps as the top “Best Answers” contributor to the site.  That only took about six years of hard work to do.  I needed 2,904 BAs to pass him.  I did that on Friday afternoon, around one, but the official list doesn’t get updated until around three in the morning.  So to see if officially I had to wait until Saturday.  But, of course, after all of those years, that page fails, for the first time, on that particular day.  The Top Contributors pages was down on Saturday, Sunday and even yesterday.  It was not until they reran the numbers this morning that it came back up and now, finally, it shows me on top for posts, answers and reviews.  The first time that one person has ever held all of them!  That was a lot of work.

When I went outside to check on the car at seven it was neither frozen, the outside temperature being thirty four degrees Fahrenheit, nor was there any snow. It was clear and damp with standing water in puddles in the parking lot. So I went back inside and did some work down in the basement until seven thirty.

I came back upstairs to go to the car and discovered that in the half hour that I was down in the basement that snow had been falling quite hard and that the world was mostly white and big fluffy flakes were coming down pretty hard. Now for the first time of really driving the Spark in the snow.

Before leaving the house I went upstairs and tried to wake up Liesl because she asked that I wake her up and give her a hug before I leave yesterday. So I tried today but even with her going to bed at nine thirty last night, she was still fast asleep. So I gave her a sleepy kiss and left. Dominica and Luciana were still fast asleep where I had left them.

The drive took quite a long time but because of traffic in Yorktown and not because the roads were bad. The roads being bad might actually have improved the drive because there was, quite literally, no one on the roads once I got to Katonah. I turned onto NY22 and was pretty much all alone for nearly the entire drive in. I saw cars but never had to wait for anyone and never had anyone behind me. I actually make decent time driving in. I was surprised.

The furniture from Bob’s arrived early afternoon.  Now the basement will be a little more functional.

Got out of work at a reasonable time. Wanted to get home to test out the furniture!

The family spent most of the evening watching the third season of Doctor Who together on the new couch.  The middle seat is perfect for Liesl, so short that she can’t use the reclining function, and then Dominica and I can have the recliners on the end with the lighted drink holders.  It is going to be a huge challenge for us to keep the girls from treating the really cool and interesting couch as a toy. It has so many lights, buttons and motorized parts that they just can’t help but climb all over it, press all of the buttons and don’t even get us started about the cubby holes that they can use to hide things.

It was a nice evening with all of us just hanging out.  So glad that I am able to use the desk a little bit and Dominica and the girls don’t have to stay upstairs but can actually join me.  I feel less isolated and lonely already.


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