December 13, 2013: Christmas Party

Today is the company Christmas Party, the adult one (the one of the kids is next week.)  So a slower day at the office.  Dominica parents should get to Peekskill around five and Dominica will head down to Norwalk as soon as they get to our house to watch the kids.  They are going to spend the night so we are able to stay overnight in Norwalk to make things easier.

Dominica left the house just after five to drive down to Norwalk. I walked her through the directions of how to use the backroads, or the semi-back roads of 35 and 123 to get down to Norwalk and how to find the hotel. She did it in the opposite direction, once, at night while following me about a month ago. She knew that the traffic would be much better here than on the expressways at this time at night so decided to give it a try.

I got a beer at happy hour and left the office as soon as that was done, so just a little after five. The hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, that Dominica had booked last night is basically right across the street from my office complex being right on Main St. diagonally across the intersection for route seven. I got up there and got us checked in and even had time to set up our Internet access and take a shower before Dominica arrived. Her drive went fine and she found the route quite easy to do now that she has adapted to being in the area again but she had really heavy traffic so it took her closer to an hour and a half to make the trip down.

We got dressed and were ready by a quarter after seven. We went down to the hotel lobby and hung out for a little bit. We had just missed the first shuttle of the evening and accidentally missed the second one, as did everyone else in the lobby, no one quite realizing that it was there or that we were supposed to just go out to it. So it was the eight o’clock shuttle that we ended up taking to the evening’s festivities.

We had a good time at the party. We decided not to stay super late, we aren’t late night people anymore. We put in three hours, had some really good food, saw people that I knew, met new people and went back to the hotel at eleven. It was an impressive party in many ways, scale for one thing. I am very glad that Dominica was able to make it down for it.

We were among the earlier ones leaving the party but far from the first. Next year I should know a lot more people, and Dominica probably will too, so we will probably put in a lot more time. And will probably dress more casually too. I think that we made a good showing for me having only been here for two months.

Got back to the hotel and got to bed pretty quickly.


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