December 29, 2013: Returning to Peekskill

Last night I snuggled with Luciana as I snuggled with Liesl the night before.  At five this morning Luciana needed me to get up and fetch her some water.  So I went downstairs and got her the water but was then awake for much of the night.  I did not fall back asleep after that.

Most of the family went to Dave’s for breakfast this morning.  I stayed at the house and watched Liesl and Luciana, they do not do well getting up early and going to breakfast.  Liesl was not even awake when everyone left.  I played with the girls all morning.  I even started reading “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” to Liesl which she seemed to like but we did not quite managed to make it through the first chapter before everyone came back home.

There was rain expected today so I got onto the road quite early.  I left just before noon and made very good time, even driving in the rain most of the way.  I listened to “Many Waters” on the drive and am nearly done with it.  Just about an hour left to go.

I got home around three thirty.  It didn’t take too long before I figured out that I had forgotten my phone charger in Utica and have no means to charge my iPhone until Dominica brings it down.  I need to go shopping tomorrow to find one.

Spent the afternoon and evening relaxing at home alone. I started watching one of my all time favourite television shows, “The Vicar of Dibley”, from the beginning again. It occurred to me that this show, which to me still feels like a moderately recent one, is actually celebrating its twentieth anniversary this coming year! Twenty years. This show was being filmed while I was still in high school. No wonder the actors from the show seem to have aged since originally filming it.

I also figured out that our friend Andy in the UK actually lives so close to where the Vicar of Dibley was filmed that I could easily walk there from where he lives.

I was feeling hungry tonight so ordered in pasta from Nonna’s.

I went to bed early tonight. I was pretty tired, having gotten a short night last night and sleeping in the very warm house always leaves me feeling tired. The room that Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and I share stays around eighty degrees all of the time so we are always having a really hard time getting any sleep there. Poor Luciana was soaked with sweat last night. So I turned in early and read some more of “The Arm of the Starfish” before falling asleep.

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