December 30, 2013: Beginning the Lonely Week

Was awake early this morning, before five thirty. The bed was so comfortable though, I stayed in for at least half an hour more.

Without the family in the house getting ready for work is so much easier. I was up and out the door just after seven. I skipped my breakfast at the deli today, I was not hungry and really need to start losing weight again.

Since my normal mobile phone is not able to be charged at the moment, I am using my Windows phone instead. This is when it is really handy owning two cell phones just for me. So the book that I was reading in the car, “Many Waters”, is on my iPhone. Instead I started rereading “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” on my drive. These old books really take me back. It has been so long since I last read them that I really do not remember the stories at all but as I read them it all sounds so familiar. I’m guessing I read this one in the 1984 – 1985 era. About the same time that I read “The Arm of the Starfish.”

Got to work quite early. Very slow day. No meetings scheduled. Almost no one in the office. Even Spiceworks is extremely slow. Having Christmas and New Years both fall on Wednesday is probably the most business crippling juxtaposition that there is as both work weeks are completely cut in half. When they fall on a Monday or a Friday, the interruption is so much more minor. It is almost like the office is closed and I am just here hanging out.

Dominica does not know when they are coming home yet. Wednesday is, realistically, the earliest that they might and if not then, then probably Friday early afternoon.

Did not get home until late but it did not matter.  Short evening at home.  Ate some leftovers, watched some “Vicar of Dibley” and went to bed early.

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