December 5, 2013: Luciana Uses the Potty

Feeling a big better today.  Went into the office and found out that the girls are coming home today rather than waiting until tomorrow even though I am at the office until very late tonight because there is bad weather expected for tomorrow.  So my plan is to cut out of the party early tonight so that I can get home and see the girls before they have to go to bed.

My drive in this morning had light fog up in Peekskill but horrible fog by the time that I was in New Canaan.  Dominica faced really bad fog the whole drive.  It took her a lot longer than expected to drive from dad’s place down to Peekskill and she was pretty exhausted when they finally arrived.  She had left right after having breakfast with dad at the Omega Grill in Geneseo and going shopping at the Geneseo Walmart where Luciana picked out her new Minnie Mouse Potty to use for potty training which starts today.

Work was fine today.  Good, actually.  Much better than yesterday.  This afternoon I had a meeting that went late and took up the bulk of the evening.  From there it was straight on to Stamford for the departmental Christmas party where I had planned to be all night.

The party was good, and packed.  I had no idea that there would be so many people.  It was very loud and crowded so I spent most of the evening with a Blue Moon in hand outside where it was warm enough that a light fleece was perfect.  I ended up staying for two hours, instead of four, so that I could get home to see the girls.

The drive home from there was only fifty minutes, not so bad.  The party was basically directly on my way home so I didn’t do any extra driving.  I was very thankful for that.  I got home right about ten o’clock which wasn’t horrible.

The girls were so excited that I was home, as I was so excited that they were home.  Luciana was trying out her new potty when I arrived.  It wasn’t long before she had her first success on the potty!  Huzzahs all around.  This is a red letter day.  After months of “problems” this is a big step in the right direction.  A huge step.  We are very excited.  Potty training is a long journey, but at least it is one that we have started on.  We are now on the road to being diaperless, one of the major achievements of parenthood.

We all stayed up till about midnight then we shuffled off to bed. I am so glad that my family is home.  I have a really hard time when the girls are gone.  A day is fine but the past month has been horrible.

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