December 7, 2013: More Doctor Who for Little Girls

Liesl came and climbed into bed with us around eight.  Twenty minutes later, Luciana was up too – also needing to climb into bed with us.  This queen, rather than king, bed is just way too small for this family.  I can’t wait until we can move our real bed(s) up from Texas.

I got up and went to Daily Bagel on my own, Liesl told me that last time it took too long and she does not want to go with me this time.  It takes at least half an hour, so she is not really wrong.  I drove out and got $63 of bagels, cream cheese and pastries.  It might sound crazy but it will last us for days.  The bagels there are so good.  Although I always seem to hurt my throat when trying to eat them.

Spent a lot of the day working down in the basement.  Dominica went out shopping pretty early on and was gone for many hours.  She got shoes and a dress for the Christmas party that I have at work this week and went grocery shopping.  So it was just the girls and I for much of the day.

When Dominica got home she camped out on the couch and watched shows on the laptop while I mostly worked in the basement and hung out with Liesl and Luciana.  We got a lot of time together today.

At eleven this evening Liesl, Luciana and I watched an episode of Doctor Who.  They love watching it with me, which I think is amazing.  Who would ever have guessed that I would have a two year old and a five year old who would beg and beg to get to watch Doctor Who!

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