December 9, 2013: Icy Morning

Was doing okay this morning when I got up and got ready for work.  But the car was covered in ice and it took forever to warm up.  I turned it on before getting fully ready to go but it was not even remotely thawed out by the time that I was ready to go to work.  I even made myself breakfast and ate it in the car whilst awaiting its warming.  So I came back in the house for a while.  I even took out a coffee pot full of hot water to speed things along. Pouring the hot water on the windscreen helped a lot.  But overall it set me back a bit getting out of the door.  The Spark has such a tiny, super efficient engine that when you are not driving, it doesn’t idle hot enough to warm up the car.  That is a problem up north.

The drive to work was rough too.  Terrible traffic.  Took, overall, over two hours to get to the office.  Not a fun start to the day.

Dominica was not feeling very well today.  Not horrible, but a little under the weather.  She thinks maybe light food “poisoning” from something that we ate.

Work was slower today.  I thought that I was going to leave the office on the early side, as I was feeling tired and a little under the weather today, but ended up staying until after six thirty anyway getting things done.

Got home just before eight and spent a little time hanging out upstairs but the girls wanted to go downstairs and watch Doctor Who with me, so just before nine we tried that.  For some reason the girls were really restless, though, and Liesl was having a rough night and kept getting into trouble.  I think that she was over tired.  By nine thirty she had gotten in enough trouble that she got put to bed.  I was tired too so Luciana slept with us tonight and came to bed with me.  Dominica stayed up to watch the “Vampire Diaries” for a while.

Last day without furniture in the basement.  Thank goodness for Bob’s Discount Furniture!

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