January 13, 2014: Just a Monday

Back to work today.  It’s Monday.  This is a full week but next week is a four day week as Monday is a holiday.  So this week we have to get ready for Dominica to be traveling.  She is leaving New York very early on Saturday morning and not returning until quite late on Monday night.  She is flying down to Texas, meeting up with her sister and niece, and packing up the remainder of the Carrollton house to get it ready for shipping to New York in a couple of weeks.  We are very excited to have our stuff coming back to us finally.  It has been a long season without it.  By the time that it finally arrives we will have been four months without basics like chairs, tables, dishes, toys, books… pretty much everything.  So it is going to be a daddy / daughter weekend with just me and the girls being home together for three days.

Normal day today, into the office and back home at the end of the day.  Had a good day at work.  Not a great day, but an overall positive one.  A move in the right direction, I would say.

Got home on the late side this evening and we did pretty little.  Just came home, watched some Doctor Who and went to bed.  This is a relatively busy week for us, partially because of the preparations for the upcoming weekend so not too much going on in the evenings.

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