January 17, 2014: Getting Ready for Dominica to Return to Texas

Work went quite late tonight, I did not get to leave until seven.  That’s not quite late, I suppose, but for a Friday night when you hope to leave more like five thirty it is pretty late.  Especially when the evening at home is going to be so short.

I was surprised to find that the Kurdish Deli was still open, even though it was so late.  So I swung in and hung out while they made falafel for Dominica and I for dinner.  Dominica was hoping that I would bring home dinner but had not asked me to do so.  She guessed that I was there getting food while I was there.  The deli is experimenting with staying open until three in the morning to see if that attracts a weekend crowd as very little in the area stays open late.  That is a general shortcoming of all of downstate, including even Manhattan, this region is extremely “sleepy” compared to Upstate New York which is practically hallmarked by its late night venues and twenty four hour stores.  It is an odd combination considering that downstate tends to come from southern European stock that are well known for the late night lifestyle and upstate is primarily from northern European stock and culture known for its early to bed mentality and lifestyle.

I got home and Luciana was already in bed and asleep.  She had gotten into trouble and had been put to bed, no way for her to stay up waiting for me to get home.  It was nearly nine by the time that I got home.  Liesl was still awake but just long enough to see me and have me put her in bed.

Dominica and I ate our dinner, watched just a little Doctor Who and went to bed very early ourselves.  Only getting a little sleep tonight, need to be up at three thirty to get Dominica her to flight.

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