January 2, 2014: Our First Blizzard of the Year

Luciana had a bad dream and woke me up with her crying at a quarter after six. I went in and checked on her and moved her and Liesl into the bed with Dominica and I got ready for work. They were happy once they had snuggles and I am assuming that they slept that way for many more hours.

The car worked fine this morning although I gave it quite a long time to warm up as it was very cold out today. The drive into the office went fine.

Work was not as slow today as it has been. Many people are beginning to return to the office. The parking garage was not so empty, I did not get an automatic space right by the elevator door today.

Left the office a little on the early side tonight, there is a blizzard expected by seven this evening and I do not want to get stuck partway home and Dominica wants to go grocery shopping before the storm hits too and needs me home before she can head out.  I was on the road before five thirty and it was clear but by the time that I was in northern Westchester County and turned onto NY35 the snow had started and there was easily half an inch on the ground when I got to the house.  I finished reading “Many Waters” on the drive home.  It was far better than the other books in the series but was not at all as good as I had remembered, and it was inconsistent with L’Engle’s universe so it conflicted with some of her other books.  Not well done.

The little girls were very excited that I was home.  It’s nice to have them waiting for me, screaming for daddy as I come in the door.  I’ve missed that, haven’t had that for weeks.

I told Dominica that she had better get moving if she was going to do the grocery shopping now (she should have gone earlier in the day but wanted me to come home and watch the kids) because there was so much snow.  She had been on her laptop and acted surprised that there was snow.  Then she turned on the light and could see the woods all under a blanket and headed right out.  She just went to the nearest store and straight back as there was so much snow coming down.  As it was, she had a really hard time making it back up the hill again.

I made a fire in the fireplace while Dominica was gone.  The girls and I played upstairs for a while with my lying on the bed and them jumping on my back like they used to do every day when I got home from work in Texas.  Then we played “Silly Socks” in the living room by the fire while Luciana attempted to use the potty.

Once Dominica was home we headed to the basement and watched some Doctor Who before heading to bed.  At bedtime I read the girls another two chapters in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”  Liesl is really getting into the story and Luciana seems to be enjoying it although I am not sure that she is following along or not.

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